MIJA delivers the most innovative technology for pressurized gas measurement in high-liability applications. Our high- and low-pressure mechanical gauges and Critical Alert electronic devices feature unmatched quality, reliability, and durability. They are the ideal solution for demanding medical, industrial, and fire protection applications.

We design and manufacture our products in North America, using U.S. made components. This business strategy allows us to maintain the most stringent quality control levels in the industry and provides our customers the shortest possible lead time for delivery. Our North American sourcing and manufacturing. backed by over 40 years of engineering and development expertise, provides a distinct advantage in build quality, measurement accuracy, long-term reliability, and overall durability.

We also offer custom development of existing products, as well as custom development services to help bring our customers’ ideas from concept to working prototype.

Part NumberPressure RangeGauge SizeUL ListedConnection
Fire Protection Pressure Gauges
Dry Chemical1-001651-001651.4″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-03945450 PSI1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-00138195 PSI1.4″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-00536100 PSI1.4″Yes1/8-27 NPT
Wet Chemical1-00232175 PSI1.6″No1/8-27 NPT
1-04148100 PSI1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-02779225 PSI1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-00241100 PSI1.4″Yes1/8-27 NPT
HFC-227ea/FM 2001-0542042 Bar1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-04716900 PSI1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-04267360 PSI1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-0195125 Bar1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
Novec 1230/FK-5-1-121-03231360 PSI1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-0490245 Bar1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-04926360 PSI1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-05033500 PSI1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
Halotron1-01965125 PSI1.4″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-01966100 PSI1.4″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-03052150 PSI1.4″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-01909100 PSI1.4″Yes1/8-27 NPT
Specialty Gas Pressure Gauges
Acetylene1-00269350 PSI1.4″No1/8-27 NPT
Helium1-04531400 Bar1.6″NoG 1/8
Medical Gas Pressure Gauges
Oxygen1-002683000 PSI1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-013923000 PSI1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-02068276 Bar1.4″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-041454000 PSI1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-04600200 Bar1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
1-050654000 PSI1.4″Yes1/8-27 NPT
MIJA 2N1 Electronic Pressure Switch
Wet Chemical1-05598-2N1100 PSI1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
Dry Chemical1-05117-2N1950 PSI1.6″No1/8-27 NPT
Novec 1230/FK-5-1-121-04805-2N125 Bar1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
Novec 1230/FK-5-1-121-04647-2N134.5 Bar1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
HFC1-04631-2N142 Bar1.6″Yes1/8-27 NPT
Critical Alert Industrial Pressure Gauge
Industrial Gases1-054740-4000 PSI2.5″1/4-18 NPT
500 PSI Trip Point
1-055100-4000 PSI2.5″1/4-18NPT
200 PSI Trip Point
0-400 PSI2.5″1/4-18NPT
Critical Alert Oxygen Pressure Gauge
Oxygen1-0564515 liter per minute w/ barb attachment
1-0577315 liter per minute w/ DISS attachment
1-0577425 liter per minute w/ 2 DISS & 1 barb attachment
*All have 500 psi trip points
Dry Chemical1-00096-156100 PSI (Wide Arc)Yes
Dry Chemical1-00096-118100 PSI (Short Arc)Yes