When we initially opened our doors in 1972 in America’s first town, Plymouth, MA, we had no idea that we would become a global company. We prided ourselves on our products being made here in America and helping solve problems for those within the fire, medical, and variety of other industries. As the world grew, changed and became more connected, so did manufacturing. In 1998, MIJA elected to move its’ high volume spiral wound Bourdon tube pressure gauge production from Plymouth, MA to Mexico to compete in the growing global marketplace. With the implementation of the North American Free Trade Act, expanding and opening a manufacturing facilityRead More →

Beginners Guide to Medical Gauges Many of today’s medical procedures and illnesses require a form of medical gas, such as Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and many others. Pressure gauges are used to measure the pressure of the gas within the cylinder, which indicates the amount of gas available. MIJA’s medical gauges can be found on anesthesia equipment, oxygen regulators, respiratory equipment, dental systems, and many more around the globe. Oxygen Gauges Oxygen is often described as the gas of life, for its strong oxidizing and life-sustaining properties. It is used in medicine for therapeutic purposes and in the metals industry for steelmaking andRead More →

Fireworks USA

The 4th of July is upon us and that means fireworks are in season. Fireworks present a dangerous element to our cookouts and parties and while fun to watch from afar, they should be ultimately left to the professionals. Did you know that an average of 230 firework-related injuries occur every 4th of July? We at MIJA recommend that you see your local community’s fireworks show as they are much safer and tend to be much more extravagant! If you find yourself at a party with fireworks be sure they are taking proper precautions. State and Local law Many states have put laws in placeRead More →

Fire Pit

Summer is here, and odds are that means you will find yourself around a fire with friends and family at some point over the next few weeks. There is just something inherently human about sitting around a fire and looking at the stars isn’t there? And while the crackle of the fire puts your mind at ease, don’t let a lack of preparation get the best of you! The National Fire Protection Agency estimated over 600,000 outdoor pit fires became out of control in 2016. Don’t let yourself be a statistic and follow the following steps listed below! Getting Started There are no awards forRead More →