Celebrate Respiratory Care Week

Celebrate Respiratory Care Week

Celebrate Respiratory Care Week

October 25-31, 2015

MIJA is recognizing respiratory professionals around the country to celebrate Respiratory Care Week. This is an annual event that recognizes the respiratory care profession and promotes awareness of lung health issues and practices.

MIJA’s medical pressure gauges and innovative electronic devices provide hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world reliable and dependable information! MIJA’s pressure gauges for oxygen tanks take the worry and risk out of administrating and monitoring healthcare at home. Our mechanical pressure gauges and Critical Alert electronic devices are capable of providing accurate and reliable content measurement, as well as indicating when a pressurized tank is nearing empty.

During this week, respiratory care professionals will organize events and festivities in their workplaces and communities to:

  • Celebrate – Hosting activities to honor and reward respiratory therapists for their contributions.
  • Motivate – Encouraging patients and their families in their battles against lung disease.
  • Educate – Taking awareness of lung diseases like COPD and asthma to the community.
  • Inspire – Building the desire in others to enter the respiratory care
  • Learn – Maximizing personal and professional skills with new resources.

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