Critical Alert for Oxygen

How it all began...

While visiting their mother in the nursing home, the owners of MIJA noticed she did not look well and was confused.   Jack McSheffrey examined the pressure gauge on her oxygen tank and realized the tank was empty.  He immediately notified the medical staff and they delivered a new tank.

Michaela and Jack both agreed that day that there had to be a better way to manage oxygen contents for the patients and for the nursing homes. That day was the beginning of the research and development of the Critical Alert Oxygen products. Learn more about how CAO has improved oxygen management.

Critical Alert Oxygen (CAO) is electronic oxygen monitor with a low pressure alarm. Designed to transform the standard CGA 870 regulator into an interactive smart device that increases patient safety and provides immediate notification of an oxygen cylinder content levels using easy to read RED and GREEN LED lights and audible alert.

Critical Alert Oxygen is easy to install and is comprised of MIJA's highly accurate pressure gauges - providing a reliable Oxygen monitoring solution.

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Proven Benefits

  • Provides Independence for Oxygen Patients & their Caregivers
  • Economical and Simple Solution to Managing Oxygen Tanks
  • Easy to Install and Operate 
  • Eliminates the Guesswork of Remaining Oxygen
  • Improves Patient Safety and Decreases Liability of Empty Oxygen Tanks
  • Decreases Anxiety While Providing Peace of Mind for Patients and Caregivers


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