Alice DePina: Faces of MIJA

Behind the Dial | Behind the Lens

alice depina SmallAlice is an assistant in the accounting department of MIJA where she works primarily with customers and vendors payments. She also assists with orders from the purchasing and maintenance departments. When Alice is not at MIJA, she loves being with her family.





Bob Manning: Faces of MIJA

Behind the Dial | Behind the Lens

bob manning SmallBob is MIJA’s Project and Design Engineer who works directly with sales and production to guarantee that the customers’ specifications are established on new and existing products.    Bob is MIJA’s Underwriters Laboratories (UL) contact to ensure the UL standards are followed.    When he is not at MIJA, Bob enjoys weight lifting and spending time with his wife and extended family.  



Leea Iannino: Faces of MIJA

Behind the Dial | Behind the Lens

Leea Iannino SmallLeea is MIJA’s in house marketing professional who ensures the MIJA website and customer communications are on target in addition to working directly with customers for MIJA’s electronic products. Leea is a working mom who enjoys spending time with her family when she is not coming up with new ideas for marketing MIJA’s products.

Mark Peavey: Faces of MIJA

Behind the Dial | Behind the Lens

mark peaveyMark Peavey has been with MIJA since 1976. He started with the company in production, but soon found his talent was machine design and maintenance. Mark has been instrumental in designing new equipment as well as designing the plant floor to accommodate the new equipment. He is also skilled with computers and is MIJA’s IT expert. Mark met his wife, Carol, at MIJA and they have been married 26 years. In his spare time, Mark enjoys his family, fishing, and camping. You can Connect with MIJA Inc. on LinkedIn for recent news, latest blogs, and our product advancements!


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