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MIJA proudly holds hundreds of UL listings for its product lines. Our achievement is more than simply complying with UL standards, it shows a commitment to safety, security, quality, and business integrity that is unrivaled in our industry. This also assures our customers they can place 100% trust in our products to work flawlessly when they’re needed – even in the most critical of situations.

MIJA helps keep businesses and facilities maintain compliance with the following organizations and rules:

Underwriters Laboratories Standards
MIJA meets UL standards for its entire product line with the following organizations and standards:

    • U.L. 8 - Water Based Agent Fire Extinguishers
    • U.L. 299 - Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers 
    • U.L. 404 - Gauges, Indicating Pressure, for Compressed Gas Service
    • U.L. 626 - Water Fire Extinguishers
    • U.L. 753 - Pressure Switches 
    • U.L. 1254 - Standard for Pre-Engineered Dry Chemical Extinguishing System 
    • U.L. 2127 - Standard for Inert Gas Clean Agent Extinguishing System
    • U.L. 2129 - Halocarbon Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers
    • U.L. 2166 - Standard for Halocarbon on Fire Protection Systems


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